Hi there! Welcome to this cosy little hide-out on the interwebz! I’d love to show you around and all, but as you’ve landed on this page you probably just want to know a bit more about me and this blog. So here you go. My name is Charelle, a passionate book- and coffeelover, with an obsession for all that is cosy! Such as? Well, such as tea, baking, travelling, warm blankets, campfires, the clattering of the rain on the window, and the heartwarming scent of cinnamon.

On this blog I take you with me on all my cosy adventures by capturing the cosiness with an analogue photo camera. Yes, an analogue photocamera so that everything becomes even more cosy! And because I love the unexpected filters and effects analogue cameras tend to create. Oh and also because I love the suspense of picking up the photos at the developer! Unfortunately, this also means that sometimes you have to wait a little before joining me on my adventure. And that sometimes there are no photos because they turned out completely black. Or white. But, that doesn’t spoil the fun, or cosiness!

So cosy up and get ready for cosiness! (Hope this isn’t too much cosiness for you already!)

With cosy love,



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