Matcha Latte - The Scent of Cinnamon

Matcha Latte – Rum Ba Ba in Amsterdam

Rum Ba Ba is not your average hipster coffee place. It’s more like your average surfer beach juice bar. With coffee. Including Hawaiian music and magazines about surfing dispersed throughout the store. As I am always in for something different, a quick eye on the menu was enough to know what I was going to order. A matcha latte. You’ve probably heard about this new fancy drink that is rumoured to kick coconut water from its healthy throne. Matcha is powdered green tea, so a matcha latte is powdered green tea dressed as a… as a cappucino actually, as the drink I was served absolutely couldn’t go through for a latte. A green cappucino that is. Interesting.

So, what did it taste like? Honestly, like nothing in particular. I ordered it with soy milk and that’s what it tasted like, steamed soy milk. Green steamed soy milk. It may look funny, but the taste was less spectaculair.

Then why order it? Because it’s healthy! Matcha are powdered green tea leaves from Japan. Unlike plain green tea, matcha leaves don’t get any sun for about three weeks before they are harvested. Growing in the shade they produce more theanine, a chemical which improves your ability to focus. Next to that, the theanine reduces the jitterish kick you get from the caffeine that’s present in green tea, while not reducing the energy you get form the caffeine boost! Sounds good.

Matcha leaves also contain a higher content of chlorophyll, which not only colours the leaves green, but also cleanses your intestines. As such, it improves you body’s ability to absorb oxygen and to purify your blood. On top of that, the matcha leaves come with a healthy content of magnesium, which supports muscle recovery after physical exertion.

So, if you’re feeling green – or just healthy – matcha latte it is!

Matcha Latte - The Scent of Cinnamon
Matcha Latte – The Scent of Cinnamon

Oh by the way, Rum Ba Ba also serves some mouth-watering pastries, but none of those are gluten-free. However, a few doors down the street you find ‘De Glutenvrije Winkel‘ where you’ll find some fresh baked mini apple pies!

Rum Ba Ba
Pretoriusstraat 33
Amsterdam-East, Netherlands


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